Monday, June 24, 2013

More Corporate Welfare: Teach for America's $350 million business getting $1 million more from you and me!!! Will someone take the taxpayer Wallet Away?

Just how much longer will those free market, "liberty" loving, small government, tightwad conservatives go before they say enough is enough to Scott Walker? This is amazing. 
jsonline: A state budget provision just approved by the state Legislature could bring a new stream of state funding to the organization, Teach For America … a budget provision giving the organization $1 million of state funding over the next two years.
Before any teabillies dismiss the following as bullying from the teachers union, think about Walker's welfare program for big business. TFA is all part of the privatization movement to pad profits and relax regulation,  all the while loosening standards:
Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association union President Bob Peterson said he disagrees with the budget provision that would send $1 million to TFA over the next two years.

"Wisconsin taxpayers should not have to subsidize a national organization with net assets of over $350 million that is essentially a job training program for privileged college students mostly from out of state," he said. School boards across the state could find better uses for $1 million.

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