Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This is what passes for debate? Unhinged Nanny State Republican Sen. Lazich an Embarrassment to Wisconsin. This is what Government Health Care looks Like.

I'm stunned. This is what passes for debate. I haven't attended assembly or senate budget debates, but if this is what passes for an adult exchange of ideas and behavior, were in F'ing trouble.

The following was described by WKOW's Greg Neumann as a "forceful speech." I would call it frightening.

State Sen. Mary Lazich's violent eruption of obvious pent up frustration was on full display and almost laughable if it wasn't so disturbing. For now, here's Neumann's and WICS's coverage of the "ultrasound" debate. I'll try to get the total Lazich tantrum and post it here later.
Lazich: "Honest to Pete, this is the most ridiculous thing. And I think we aught to be doing a lot more, you're probably going to see a lot more laws from me because these clinics have pulled this crap (sing song voice) 'it's a blob of's the best thing you can're too young.' That's baloney."

Here's another repressed outburst.
"Any place that's gonna rush a woman through this and not give her the ultrasound, that's a clinic quite frankly I don't want in Wisconsin," said Sen. Lazich.
Of course, no such clinic like that exists, or at least, not until abortion becomes illegal again. Democrats were pretty nonplused by Lazich's trailer park behavior. And what is this thing Republicans have about "sitting down?"

UPDATE: Here's a "best-of" from today's exchanges, starting with Sen. Vinehout and her story, followed by a rambling rehash of Lazich's reasons for intimidating already traumatized women. She actually thinks doctors don't tell their patients anything, or describe the "painful" equipment used. This is one sick troubled legislator. Sen. Mike Ellis closes with an unhinged reminder to sit down:

UPDATE: Rachel Maddow takes a look at Sen. Ellis and does a great job asking voters in Wisconsin if this is what they want as their state government.


  1. We now have more of a Daddy state, really. A Nanny takes care of people, but Daddy punishes and Republicans love to punish people. It's truly ugly watching their inner sadism just oozing out. Ellis and Lazich are two of the most inhuman people I have ever seen in public office.

  2. But there are so many nonhumans and inhumane legislators to choose from in this group. Take Fitzgerald's point of order that a floor motion by Erpenbach that the people conducting ultrasounds not have criminal records was "not germane" to the bill. Really? Not germane that a woman with her body exposed should be susceptible to a criminal?

    Lots of pathology there. Add in Grothman, Ott, and assorted Assembly members (Jacque comes to mind) and the mental health bills would be sky high should these goons ever be subject to examination and treatment.

  3. I'm just throwing their language back at them, but you're right, Daddy State works for me. I hope to use that again.