Sunday, June 9, 2013

Walker Brags; 94 % of CEO's like State Direction and Economic Policy Failures. Yeah, let's put them in charge.

Keep in mind, we’re talking opinions here...

...If you polled CEO’s way back when, before Obamacare, they would have probably made health care their number one issue. It's been killing businesses bottom line for decades.

So is it any real surprise CEO’s in the latest WMC poll said health insurance is their number one concern again? Oddly, by this small percentage; 26%. 

These free market bullshitters are still pushing their contrived and nonsensical talking point, "certainty:"
WMC: “Clearly, the oncoming federal health care mandate has employers mired in uncertainty,” said WMC President/CEO Kurt R. Bauer. “CEOs in Wisconsin are looking for certainty, predictability..."
The big news touted by Scott Walker, who’s only option at this point is to use opinion polls because actual data would destroy him, is how rosy Wisconsin CEO expectations are despite economic reports. 

Weren't they this jazzed a year ago, before we were graded 49th in economic growth and 44 in job creation. Guess they were wrong, huh?

The media should hold Walker to a higher standard than reprinting absolute hearsay from the same CEO's keeping employment down, wages down and regulation down. 

Just as insulting are the unfettered comments from these Republican favored freeloading blowhards, because life isn't easy enough for them yet:
“The constant state of ‘unknown.’ As a businessman, we just ride it out until there is a ‘known.’”

“Too many existing and proposed entitlement programs; unreasonable regulation based on emotions, not facts. No fiscal responsibility at the federal government level. Wisconsin is doing much better.”
If that wasn't enough trash talk:
But while WMC member company executives believe Governor Scott Walker’s administration is business friendly, there is concern that his pro-growth policies haven’t been embraced by state bureaucrats.
“Governor Walker understands – the Legislature and the bureaucrats do not.”

“It is better than previous years but still has a long ways to go with regulation reform and taxes.”
Workers Not Desperate Enough for these CEO's: If this doesn't make you flame on, than nothing will:
“Many employers say burgeoning government sponsored benefits like protracted unemployment insurance and other entitlement programs are undermining workers abilities to re-enter the workforce,” Bauer said. “People don’t keep their skills up when they can get unemployment benefits for 24 months along with other entitlements. Employers can compete against each other on wages, but they can’t compete against the government on handouts.”
If only we didn't have entitlements, sigh!

SUCKERS!!!! Update: Politifact has already bought into the lie and misdirection play, equating actual fact with opinion. CEO "opinions" are not the same as studies. Shameless:
Walker said the state’s ranking "in terms of the best and worst states to do business in was 43 four years ago, and we just moved up to 17 two weeks ago."

That’s correct, in one study of CEO perceptions, but the "state’s ranking" depends on which study you read. The governor cherry-picks the most favorable of three studies on his side, but ignores studies showing much lower rankings and little or no improvement, creating a misleading impression of dramatic improvement.

In reality, the rankings are very mixed. We rate his statement Half True.


  1. Walker is their puppet and he is doing their surprises here. I read their comments in detail and am appalled at shallow and mean perspectives. These CEO's either don't understand economics or are just stupid.

  2. I think that CEO's either don't understand economics or are just they don't want to under stand. They just want to show him leader.

    Kopi Luwak

  3. Long before skilled workers become desperate enough for Wisconsin CEOs, they will vote with their feet and leave the state. Minnesota Ho! A low wage economy is destined to become a low skills economy. Good luck trying to attract highly skilled workers to a state with a crumbling infrastructure and a second-rate school system.