Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Unintended Consequences of Act 10 drains more Taxpayer money. Republicans mismanage government again.

I’m so tired of repeating; why do we put people in charge of government who hate it and want to destroy it?

Conservative taxpayers and voters did this to themselves, and they’re not paying attention. They’ll begin to notice well after the midterm elections, when it’ll be too late. My conservative friend said that that didn't even matter, because conservatives would never vote for a Democrat anyway. Tammy Baldwin got their vote…Obama over Mr. 1 Percent?    

Here’s what Republican voters are now on the hook for due to another of the Walker Authority’s unintended consequences:
WSJ: Next year would be the fifth straight year of contribution rate increases. Lagging investment income was responsible for about half of this year’s increase.

The other half happened as an unexpected consequence of the 2011 law that ended collective bargaining and required employees to pay exactly 50 percent of required contributions. The law inadvertently increased benefit levels for future retirees, so total contribution had to rise to cover the future cost.

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