Friday, June 14, 2013

Rhode Island created jobs and revenues for local businesses and the state through Wind and Solar Energy.

See what Scott Walker passed up on the jobs and state revenues front by foolishly hanging on to fossil fuels? 
He's showing no signs of rethinking his position either. From Rhode Island:
PROVIDENCE : A new report from the state Office of Energy Resources shows that Rhode Island's groundbreaking renewable-energy incentive program is creating local jobs. The distributed generation (DG) contracts program helped launch 23 large wind and solar projects statewide through its fixed electricity-pricing system. The 15-year-pricing guarantee with National Grid provides consistent revenue for developers and helps secure financing for their projects and ultimately attain profitability.

Since December 2011 the DG program has, according to the report:
• Produced 23 solar and wind projects. • Generated 18 megawatts of electricity capacity. • $56 million spent on renewable projects. • $17.8 million spent on local businesses. • Created 442 full-time jobs during the design and construction of renewable projects. • Created 5 full-time jobs during the 25-plus years of operation and maintenance of the projects.
The report notes that most of the new renewable projects, such as solar arrays, require little ongoing upkeep and therefore create only a handful of jobs after projects are completed. The report concluded, “Investment to date in the DG program has generated significant economic and job impacts, in addition to clean energy and peak (electricity) capacity."

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