Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Walker and Christie; The Two Authoritarians! Give them your money....

Here's a bundle of clips showing Gov. Chris Christie, a loud mouthed bully and jobs loser too, selling Scott Walker:
Christie: "Beware of the politician who cares more about love than respect."

Christie: "America is going to find out answer to what is more powerful, the people, or the moneyed special interests in Washington DC.
Funny thing about the moneyed special interests, Scott Walker took in $13.2 million dollars from his moneyed millionaire friends around the country, while the Democrats raked in just under $1 million. Gee, I wonder who's "more powerful?"

Christie makes it clear where he wants "the people," BEHIND the leaders. Authoritarian much.
Christie: "Do you stand behind courageous leaders...and when you answer that question the RIGHT WAY..."
Of course this only one way...the right way, Walker's and Christie's way.

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Paul Trotter said...

Did anyone notice the code words " stand your ground"?
Guess where that is aimed at?

One has to wonder- Is this the best you can dig up Walker?

Good Lord- you dumpster diving Walker?

How does that taste?