Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Legitimizing the crazy idea of Free Market "Certainty."

How did a simple word like “uncertainty,” which has become the next centuries Republican Party Cause Celebre,’ ever make any sense to anyone familiar with the free market?

The free market doesn’t exactly scream “certainty.” In fact, the whole idea is crazy. Yet the power to persuade and turn the improbable into reality is a talent perfected by the Republican Party. With discipline not seen by any planetary life form, conservatives can make free market certainty an actual issue, no matter how contradictory it is to an unregulated marketplace.

So what happens if conservatives decide that "certainty" has been that missing ingredient confounding free markets for years?
That’s what being pushed by the American EnterpriseInstitute. Here’s what they're planning:
Is Uncertainty Responsible for High Unemployment? In this election year, the underlying causes of the continued slow growth and high levels of unemployment in the U.S. economy are of particular interest. Much of the debate has focused on whether uncertainties faced by private employers — on taxes, regulation and other costs — are responsible for the slow recovery of employment since the 2008 financial crisis. Sanjai Bhagat and Iulian Obreja of the University of Colorado have produced a paper that correlates cash flow uncertainty with job losses and declines in capital investment.

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  1. JUst more of their "wordplay" they've invented over the years to put fear into everybody's mind. NOTHING they talk about even resembles what the word actually means. And with Karl Roves' and Luntz's turn of phrase people have NO clue what they're talking about. Just the way they like it.