Friday, September 6, 2013

Gogebic Taconite LLC + Walker Government = Fascist State!!

What we’re seeing now, Gogebic Taconite getting everything it wants from the Walker administration and his pathetic legislative corporate goons, is the very definition of fascism. Here's a challenge to all those “Stand with Walker” zombies; tell me why it isn't fascism. Crickets!!!?
No License to carry...oops!

And just a thought, if what makes ObamaCare illegitimate is that it didn't get one Republican vote, then what makes Walker’s strictly partisan legislative victories so legitimate? It doesn't does it? Same rules apply fellas.

Gogebic wrote the mining legislation that passed into law. They are now getting a pass on state laws that apply to everyone else about taxes. I’m sure we can assume this preferential treatment will be extended to other Republican favored industries. This is creeping fascism.

We’re there already, and it only took three years:   
jsonline: Aggressive protesters and the rest of the public could be kept off a proposed iron mine site in northern Wisconsin while the landowners there maintain most of their current property tax break, under a bill advanced by a Senate committee Thursday. Republicans passed the proposal on a party line 3-2 vote after voting down a Democratic amendment that would have placed limits, close off land up to 300 feet from its operations taking rock samples, and still qualify for a tax decrease.
Fascism wins:
The fast-moving bill calls for an exemption in the state's managed forest land law, which provides property tax relief for landowners in exchange for managing the land for forestry and allowing the public to hunt, fish and hike on it. The bill would allow Gogebic to close that land and prevent public access until state officials decide on a possible mining permit for the site. Sen. John Lehman (D-Racine) said the GOP bill was "overkill" because it would allow the company to unilaterally close 3,500 acres. Lehman said the bill was focused on just one interest group, the mining company, and ignored the rest of the public. "We are out of balance with this bill," Lehman said. "We're starting from the wrong place."
Can the Republicans take a little constructive criticism? Are you kidding:
Sen. Bob Jauch (D-Poplar) drew indignation from Republicans when he described the bill as "slop" that showed "contempt" for the public. Jauch said the bill would save the company a large sum of extra property taxes on the closed land that would otherwise go to local schools and governments.

Are protesters who shout dozens of obscenities really a threat? Of course not, but the Gogebic spin was all Republicans needed to put the hammer down and suppress protesters. At a hearing the senators watched a video of a June incident in which protesters are shown yelling dozens of obscenities and some threats at Gogebic workers on the site. During the incident, one protester took a camera from a worker and was later charged with a felony.
The traumatized panel's chairman, Sen. Tom Tiffany (R-Hazelhurst), collapsed under the pressure of a few dozen protesters. Such courage and leadership is admired on the right:
"We would be fools not to act on the statements of those violent protesters who said, 'We will be back,'" Tiffany said.

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MAL said...

You could not be more correct in describing a fascist state, as always applied in a non-uniform fashion.

Another element up in Iron County is the sitting District Attorney, Martin Lipske, currently fronting for GTac and allied with the Walker regime. Lipske is inept and authoritarian (and is politically owned by Iron County Judge Madden) displaying precisely what Norman's Cohn, for example, warned of: Careerism, submission to authority and a general “mood of passive compliance” that has taken hold, with notable exceptions.