Monday, June 2, 2014

Walker Nonsensical: says Policies that led up to Great Recession same as those in Illinois right now? I'm not kidding....

Finally, Scott Walker is asked why he keeps blaming former Gov. Jim Doyle and Mary Burke for the Great Recession.

Walker had no answer...none...and compared GOP deregulation policies to those in Illinois, whatever that means.

On Upfront, Mike Gousha kept asking Walker why the deficits and job losses were the previous governors fault, and how Illinois is similar in any way.

Something that took 3 decades of Reagan supply side policies to create, is now happening in Illinois? He was either woefully unprepared, or god knows what he was thinking:
Gousha: "Would you not concede though that was a national recession, that there were many states that were bleeding jobs just as Wisconsin was?"
Get ready for it, it's doesn't make any sense...purposely, and it's a doozie:
Walker: "Except that those policies we see happening right now, in real time just to the south of us in Springfield. So I think if voters say we're not even going to go back in time because it was part of a national recession, Wisconsin has come out of that much better than a state like Illinois, where they still have a budget problem ... not only people don't wanna go back to the Doyle/Burke days, if they don't wanna go back to what we see happening right now in our neighbor in Springfield, I'm the better alter...." 

Gousha: "You cite Illinois, but your critics, as you know, say we are lagging 8 out of 9 western states in job growth, better than Illinois, why not better than the other states?

Walker: "A lot of that data is looking at the past, but more recent numbers, the last few months, we have had aggressive job growth in the state."
Yea, don't look at his past 3 and half years, just the last few clip only:


Sue said...

Part - a large part - of Illinois' budget problem is underfunding of pensions.
Scotty tried to get his grubby little hands on the WI pension fund, until the report came out detailing how well-managed our pension fund is.
I don't have audio, did either of them discuss that little issue?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

"More recent numbers"? You mean like the 13,000 jobs lost in February in Wisconsin? And the closing of all American TV stores and 5 JC Penney stores in the last 6 weeks?

The only thing Illinois has done that's Bush-like is underfunded pensions like Bush wanted to do to Social Security. And Walker wants to do to the fully- funded state pensions.

What a pathetic fool. He truly has nothing.

Democurmudgeon said...

There are so many examples. One thing Walker will never do is talk about Ill.'s pension problem, something he has his eye on here.