Sunday, June 1, 2014

Walker Fumbles his answer on John Doe Deal, can't explain previous response.

Kudos to Mike Gousha for not buying into Scott Walker's "deal" dodge with the John Doe prosecutors.

Surprise, Republican policies and talking points don't stand up to followup questions. Their ideas are ludicrous, that's why.

I've edited the best parts and included only the audio in Gousha's Upfront interview here, and its astonishing. While the right wing wrongly makes fun of Obama's teleprompters, they're more than comfortable with a politician who, like Walker, "sticks-to-the-script." Nothing with him is ever off the cuff. It's memorize, memorize, memorize.

Gousha continually tries to get a simple answer out of Walker; is he negotiating a deal with prosecutors in the state? It seems obvious to Gousha that there's nothing illegal about a simple yes or no, even under John Doe secrecy rules. The more Walker dodges, the longer this stays in the news. We should thank him.

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Anonymous said...

Walker should have made Time Magazine's list for most disingenuous politician of the year. Of course he couldn't answer...If he actually told the truth the Kochs and WSJ owner Bezos would put a hit on Walker.