Sunday, June 1, 2014

It's Time to Kill the Sunday Morning Talk Shows!

This is how the networks reward tea party politicians who steer clear of major media interviews, by panting “exclusive” and "star" when they're graced with their presence. Wow, a one-on-one...we're so lucky? 

I stopped watching Sunday morning talk because of this. For whatever reason, they don't have time for common sense followup questions. So in these free campaign ads disguised as news, Ted Cruz can say without challenge, sweeping policy absolutes that would take a knowledgeable persons breath away.  

NO Response from Stephanopolus: For example, Cruz would like to shove a European anti-ballistic missile system down Russia's throat as payback. Even worse, Cruz proposed depleting our surplus natural gas supplies by selling it to the Ukraine, shutting off Russian suppliers. Sounds long term and sounds like a great deal for corporate America, who would love to sell gas at a higher price there and increase prices on our depleted supplies here. Watch George Stephanopolus let it all fly unchallenged with the all important Hillary Clinton question...insane:

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