Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Vigilante "Verify the Recall" Group makes searchable data base, coldly ignores pleas from domestic Abuse Victims.

Have we really given our recall verification duties to We the People of the Republic and the Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty? 

Has anyone answered the question; why are outside conservative vigilante groups like Verify the Recall, backed by tea party fringe group We the People of the Republic, allowed to trash our recall process with their biased analysis of signatures?  Public records, sure, but they should have no input in the process. If they have a problem, sit in a corner. Anyone think the governor's own verification team won't be partisan enough?

Check out Ross Brown, who heads up We the People of the Republic. WKOW:

Brown says he would take any action suggested by AG J.B. Van Hollen. Van Hollen says he has no obligation to respond to citizen requests for legal advice. Off the hook.

One other question; the GAB said the software to verify the signatures was way to expensive to deal with, yet this thug group of Walker supporters can do that without any monetary assistance? Is anyone in the news media curious about these unknown entities?


  1. These are good questions and it is astounding that few are asking them. Even Recall supporters seem to have accepted this. I have been a lot of blogs and articles on the net in the last day or so and am amazed at the cockyness of the GOP. Dems almost seem on the defensive. Come on. The fight doesn't stop with signing the petition.

  2. Thank you, it's good to know I wasn't the only one wondering what the hell is up.

  3. Dig a bit and you'll see that the Verify the Recall people teamed up with the Texas-based "True the Vote 2012", the same group who led anti-ACORN aspersions in 2008.

    Sure, you can worry about who's paying for it... but I think it's more relevant to ask "Why?"

    One, it's ingenious of them to mobilize armies of volunteers to do the work. That reduced the cost.

    Two, the WisGOP already pressured the GAB to do the same OCR/database-ification of the signatures, and arguably that searchable database is public record.

    So why did they want their own database? They're also collecting names and addresses of people who claim they didn't sign petitions. I think they're planning to use these databases for other campaign purposes.

  4. Biased??
    It is clear the entries that are fraudulent. Yet they don't claim all of the discrepancies are fraud. Those that are not obvious and yet have problems are deemed suspicious. Get real this is about an election and all elections are the province of the people. The more eyes on the problem the more we can verify.

  5. "Outside groups"? You mean like the busses and busses full of union members and leaders that came into Wisconsin from all over the country to protest at the capitol? . . . Oh. Okay.

  6. Funny, I was there, and buses of people did not make it into the protests.

    Keep telling yourself that fantasy, if it makes you feel safe.

  7. "Walker thugs", ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I'm a 68-year-old "thug" along with thousands of volunteers who are thankful that someone gave us a way to verify these recall signatures, and believe me, there are lots of them that are questionable to say the least. This would not be needed if we we had any confidence at all in the GAB. They are a joke. The recall movement depends on nobody being able to see what is going on. Let this all be made public and let everyone see for themselves if there is fraud.

  8. To the "68 year old"

    Thanks for the list of right wing talking points, and examining the signatures with a partisan effort to subvert the intention of your fellow citizens.

    Authoritarian much...?

  9. Better questions: Why are you so resistant to verification? Why are we having to spend millions to repeat an election in the absence of any misconduct in office? Why are you griping about "outside fringe groups" helping verify but not about the liberals carting in thousands of outside union thugs to protest the Will of the People? How dare you call the majority of the electorate "vigilantes" for wanting accountability in this process??? Please educate yourself beyond what you are told. Right now you look like an ass because of your ignorance.