Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rep. Steve Nass shreds First Amendment, Censors Art and Political Speech.

Who was it that said the corporations have already won, leaving the rest of us to fight over their crumbs? They appear to be right.

Rep. Steve Nass is your typical idea challenged conservative thug, an anti-education zealot that collects a pay check for a freeloading agenda that offers no solutions, but an awful lot of rage.

He also is committing censorship and getting away with it, because he can. And all we can do is helplessly watch?
The Progressive: Mike Konopacki, a labor cartoonist who was working on the “Art in Protest” event, is not happy about this outcome … “I’m getting e-mails from artists who are saying, ‘What the hell is going on?’ This is a direct attack on freedom of speech, on freedom of expression, on academic freedom, and on labor education,” says Konopacki. “We were celebrating all the art and creativity that people come up with at these protests. It’s beautiful stuff. We’ve had the largest outpouring of protests in the state’s history, and the School for Workers is not allowed to display this?”

Konopacki is worried that the Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature want to kill the School for Workers … “The School of Workers survived McCarthyism,” he says. “It may not survive Walker.”
This is government censorship. This is government intimidation that results in censorship. Political art work was considered free speech once. Yet why isn’t something being done to stop this legally? The reason is simple; the school can be dismantled for opposing the “authority.” The school can’t join with a legal representative without sealing their own fate. This is what oppression looks like.

Here's Konopacki with Sly in the Morning with the amazing details:

Nass’ chief of staff seems to have forgotten the whole point of our university system, and instead feigns concern over the “appropriate” timing of the exhibit:
Mike Mikalsen, Rep. Nass’s chief of staff: “There are people from both sides of the issue who are paying taxes, and the question was whether this was an appropriate activity for the university … And the timing was a question. We’re just going into a recall election. Was this something the UW Extension wanted to get into at this point in time?”
There’s an appropriate time for freedom and liberty? When one is side going for broke and the other side is begging for compromise and a seat at the table, is there any question who would likely be on the winning side?

I know, it’s hard to hide my frustration with the Democratic Party. 

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  1. Money is speech.
    Art, literature, and the spoken word...are not speech.

    Corporations are people and should be free from regulation and restriction, law and taxation. People are not people and should be restricted, watched, documented, taxed, and limited from deviating to a significant degree from an approved range of behaviors.

    Flesh bags (previously referred to as "people", see reclassification above) may NOT organize into groups to facilitate work towards their goals. That is wrong.
    Corporate persons MAY form infinite and varying numbers of collectives to increase their power and goal-reaching. That is proper.

    Flesh bags may worship at any faith of choice, as long as that religion promotes the abuse, marginalization or exploitation of large numbers of other flesh bags. Religion may not be used to promote charity, healing, equity or justice.

    Do not question or limit the flow of dollars toward War and Death. Question every dollar spent of education, children, health, environment, and the limitation of greed.

    The list goes on but i'm sick of typing. If I didn't hate religion so much I'd say the only way to explain this shit is that the anti-Christ is already here and running the show. Up is down, good is bad.
    I wonder if I draw 666 on my forehead with a pen before I go to the grocery store next time if I get lower prices. Pretty sure it will work at the gas pump. At least I got a plan, things r lookin up.

    oh p.s. here's some irony for ya (like we need more)
    The solution to this is the SAME answer as the conservatives give to ppl who complain about CHRISTIAN displays on public land -
    You mutherfuckers are free to MAKE YOUR OWN PROTEST ART. Draw some pathetic Tea Party crayon scribbles and slap THEM into agallery. Mebbe yer mama come see. Mebbe she stay home and watch Jerry Springer. But, you have no argument (legitimate) since no one is stopping David Koch from making his own protest art. Go buy some crayons Dave, you can afford even the 64 colors box, let 'er rip.