Thursday, February 16, 2012

Walker Thugs "March on GAB," pushes Authoritarian Rule.

Rarely will you ever read the word “authoritarian” in any story about the current incarnation of the Republican Party, specifically the Walker administration. You won’t see a reference to their “abuse of power,” or their “dictatorial” governing style. The media assumes all of this is normal operating procedure, and any such description would be over-the-top.

I will continue to draw attention to everything authoritarian. Like the following blog post by Publius9:
According to this note on Facebook, the group Let's march for Scott Walker is asking people to "March on the GAB! Protect your vote!" They say the recall process isn't fair ... from the note:

The GAB and the system are failing to protect the citizens of Wisconsin who voted November 2010.

Signatures on the recall petitions outweigh the voter

GAB does not have the ability to verify over a million signatures!

GAB Will you listen to the registered voter who voted Nov 2010?

GAB does listen to signatures that cannot be truly verified!

Tell the GAB we do not want our vote watered down.

GAB, FORGET the lawyers. Use common sense. Our state and Country's future is at stake! You MUST do your mission. Protect the vote! Do NOT protect all the signatures!

Every point is a fist pounding demand. The last line screams authoritarian. They will not be at peace until we’re all governed by a one party system, their system. That’s ultimate control, that’s authoritarian.

It should be noted that when the Democrats were in total control (I use that term loosely) of the legislature under Gov. Doyle, Republicans whined about how much better it would be to share power, and touted the good old days of divided government. It’s not surprising they didn’t really mean it. 

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