Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tom Barrett sure looks like he's running. Trashes Walker on Foreclosure Settlement Money and Walker's fear to appear with Obama.

Here's Mayor Tom Barrett's appearance on Ed's show last night:


  1. I really dislike Ed, and I'm not going to watch thins clip. However, people are certainly all reacting the same way - as you say, concluding he's beginning a run.
    In comparison to the atorcities known as Vinehout and Falk, Barrett looks mor "stateman'y" than he did previously. he can spin his rolling brown-outs of union workers in his own city as "making hard decisions", and he can even admit to having used some of "Walker's Tools" to establish that he is all war, fuzzy and centrist-y.
    Then he can yap on about his many past negotiations with unions during his career, cite them as his ability to make grounded judgement calls and participate in give-and-take without extremism and skirting the INTENT of the law.
    If smart, he'll also give a good fairly angry but not fanatical looking rant to stay bonded with the REEEEALLY pissed off people.
    I'm not a big Barrett fan and I fear that he'll be too 'weak' if elected. But IMO his stock has gone way way WAY up in the wake of the VineFalk BFBVFS.

    Now, if someone could just stop mike tate from his IDIOTIC valentines' Day compulsions. WHAT IS HIS PROBLEM????
    last year's Valentine's card idea was SO PAINFUL, and this year...he has to revive that same Lame-i-tude.
    Please. Make it stop.
    Put on some Big Boy Pants and walk like a man, 'kay?
    But yeah, Barrett needs to pick up the Hammer of Thor now, and keep striking w/o mercy. If he does, we might make a decent crash-landing here.
    (and no,I don't care if my metaphors annoy you)

  2. typing in a hurry, eat all the typos with chocolate sauce - it can't be helped.

  3. also really important, Barret better take the onslaught of mining atrocities really seriously and PLAN to be active on that front and communicate that. If he either focuses solely on the G-Tac mine (ignoring the Evil Sand People in a traditional "ignore the northern half of the state" approach) OR just focuses on Union/social issues he'll be making a HUGE mistake.

    got that Thomas?

  4. I like Ed a lot. It seems liberals continue to suffer from "shootyourselfinthefoot-itis" even when you have very qualified candidates like Vinehout, Falk and maybe Barrett.

    I would also like to see Steve Kagan get involved.

    Don't sweat the small stuff, like Valentine cards and past union dealing. Each situation is different, especially now after Walker.