Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jon Erpenbach bio update...?

Sen. Jon Erpenbach has been a friend for many years, in and out of the radio business, but I have never seen this kind of adoration...of course, all in good fun. From Root River Siren:
Wisconsin State Senator, Jon Erpenbach is a dreamboat, he is a hunk and a god in the pantheon of lesser men. Jon Erpenbach is a stone cold fox, he is lady killer, a hottie, a babe and a heartthrob. Jon Erpenbach is a political baller and a fly playa that must be cloned for all to cherish.

If the Siren were to compare JP to Scott Fitzgerald, Fitzy is a butt boil, a loser and red faced baby man.

Jon Erpenbach is just da bomb baby - all day, everyday.

Oh, this is not a new admiration, far from it. We have loved JP for years and spent our days exercising, fasting, exfoliating and reading obscure case law just in the slim hope of making ourselves worthy. However, JP has rendered himself so very hubba, hubba we must declare our love - ready or not - for all to behold.

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