Thursday, February 23, 2012

Concussion Awareness Law for School Kids Opposed by some Republicans. Like Recalled Sen. Pam Galloway for instance.

Can anyone honestly oppose a proposed concussion law for school children, because it shouldn't be a "one size fits all" solution? That's what recall bait Sen. Pam "guns" Galloway said, believe it or not. Need any other reason to give her the pink slip? WKOW and Tony Galli:

jsonline: A host of medical and sports professionals spoke Wednesday in support of a bill that would direct the state Department of Public Instruction, in conjunction with the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association, to develop guidelines and other information to educate coaches and athletes and their parents about the risk of concussion and head injury in youth athletic activities, including club sports.

The measure would require that a person who is suspected of suffering a concussion or head injury in a youth athletic activity be removed from the activity immediately. That person would not be able to return to the field until he or she has been evaluated by a trained health care provider.

A bill by Rep. Jason Fields (D-Milwaukee) passed easily in the Assembly but is languishing in the Senate. Sen. Alberta Darling, who has sponsored a similar bill in the Senate, acknowledged, there were members of her own party who had expressed reservations that the bill was an example of government inserting itself in people's lives. "We don't want to be a nanny state," Darling said.
I wish they were kidding. Again, this is the freedom and liberty Republicans are pushing…your right as a child to get a concussion and still play in the game. No rules, no medical attention. Good idea conservative parents? 

Maybe I’m not getting it, but what is Galloway talking about when she says she wants to avoid a “one size fits all” approach for childhood concussions?
Sen. Pam Galloway said she would work to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach.

Former Green Bay Packers offensive tackle Mark Tauscher, a native son who played his entire football career in Wisconsin, said the bill provided protection to young athletes.

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