Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scott Walker's Sugar Daddy David Koch happy to Interfere in Wisconsin Politics and the will of the people.

Finally, David Koch speaks out, according to this jsonline piece:
The Palm Beach Post has published a remarkable story about billionaire David Koch, who tells the newspaper in a rare interview hat he is working to help Gov. Scott Walker. David Koch admits that his group is "hard at work," especially in Wisconsin.

"We're helping him, as we should," Koch says of Walker. "We've gotten pretty good at this over the years. We've spent a lot of money in Wisconsin. We're going to spend more."

A … blogger prank-called Walker pretending to be David Koch. Koch told the New York Times that he didn't even know Walker's name. Now, Koch is a Walker supporter.

"What Scott Walker is doing with the public unions in Wisconsin is critically important. If the unions win the recall, there will be no stopping union power."

The Post quotes Koch as saying he has received at least 100 credible death threats. 
David Koch also has a little bit more to spend if the need arises:
In all, it has revenues of about $100 billion annually. The Koch-owned brands are everywhere - in grocery aisles, hardware stores and shopping malls. There are Angel Soft and Quilted Northern toilet paper, Dixie cups, Brawny paper towels, Georgia-Pacific lumber, Stainmaster carpet, Lycra and CoolMax apparel.

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