Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vouchers will take, and then take more taxpayer money, with no accountability, thanks to Walker and the Fitzgerald's

Voucher school corruption, their failure rate numbers and substandard test results is just a few reasons Walker removed statewide accountability testing in a new state wide standard. 

This is a test; will rabid conservative voters who hate wasting money on public schools, which by the way are accountable to them, be happy with exempting voucher schools from any standard at all? 

This will prove conservative anger has nothing to do with improving education, but everything to do with killing public schools. If no one speaks out, we'll know.
Post Crescent: Voucher schools were originally part of the new accountability system agreed to by lawmakers, the governor's office and the Department of Public Instruction. Then, when push came to shove, Republican lawmakers pulled voucher schools out of the mix … A school accountability system that accesses public schools and private voucher schools lets taxpayers know how effectively their tax dollars are being used. If charter and voucher schools are getting money from the state to operate, then the public must understand how well they're doing.
I guess that assumption isn’t true after all. I wonder if they'll ever be told the voucher testing had ended. If anything, the free market school brochures containing their best sales pitch they can muster, will be all an "informed" parent will ever need. 


  1. It will be interesting to see what the right does when they lose control of their schools via the voucher schools. Yet will we see voucher schools in Mequon or New Berlin? Probably not.

  2. Good question. Most parents are not for vouchers. We'll see.