Friday, February 17, 2012

Actual cost of Recalls? Well first, let's not include cost of training poll workers.

I thought this interesting twist on the cost of the recalls was good enough to pass along. This letter to the editor works for me:
"Walker recall to cost Winnebago County $36,000." That is an alarming headline until you read the entire article, "$22,500 will be used for training poll workers." One of my friends, who serves as a chief inspector at elections, told me all Oshkosh poll workers are paid $10 for an hour of training before each election, but I doubt that there are 2,250 poll workers in Winnebago County. Perhaps much of that training money is needed to train for recent changes in the voter ID law and redistricting. That would need to be done for the September primary election anyway, and can hardly be "charged" to the recall election alone. 

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