Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nanny State Republican Glenn Grothman threatens defunding Child Abuse Board if it won't attack single parents.

Small government Republicans? Don't make me laugh. Know-it-all politicians like Sen. Glenn Grothman managed to twist statistics encompassing a number of factors into just one, single parents. What does Grothman really want, state mandated match making or marriage?

Big government Grothman will gladly use the force of the state to get his way:
WKOW: Sen. Glenn Grothman has sat on the state's Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board for the last three years. But the West Bend Republican says he has never been able to get them to emphasize "There's a factor there of about 9 to 1, 8 to 1, more likely to be abused if you're raised by a single parent with a partner, compared to raised by biological parents." Sen. Grothman testified on behalf of SB 507, a bill he authored.

Mary Anne Snyder, the Prevention Board's Executive Director, told them that the problem isn't quite that simple. "Risk factors for child maltreatment as identified in research certainly include single parenthood," said Snyder.  "But they also include parental substance abuse, mental health, domestic violence."

Madison City Alder Lisa Subeck "This is about healthy relationships, its not about marriage.  So, I find this bill, quite frankly, insulting."
But there's one other zealot legislator involved that needs to be addressed here:
Sen. Pam Galloway, the chair for public health, says they could vote and approve this as early as Friday to send it on to the full senate.
If anyone deserves to be recalled, it's Galloway. She's willing to hastily pass Grothman's pathetic attack on single parents, but for god knows what reason, she is also willing to hold up a bill to protect school kids from concussions. Are we governed by complete lunatics?:
TMJ4: Keeping kids safe is becoming a political game. A new law to protect athletes after concussions is getting held up. The future of this legislation to protect young athletes rests in one woman's hands at this point. The bill is stuck in a state Senate committee. Only the chair can move it forward, and so far, she's refused to do so. All because of one woman -- state Senator Pam Galloway. She needs to schedule a vote for it to move on, and so far, she's refused.

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