Friday, February 17, 2012

Sen. Dale Schultz Opposes Mining Bill for Environmental Changes

I don't trust the snake pit we know as the Republican senate, or the individuals slithering out of it from time to time, but still Sen. Dale Schultz has caught my interest with his "current" opposition to the assembly's mining bill.

Also check out (WMC) Wisconsin Manufacturing and Commerce's VP of Gov. Relations James Buchen's hearty support of raping the country side for money and corporate power. Buchen can't be bothered with the lengthy and historically successful process of protecting the environment that directly benefits the massive tourism industry in Wisconsin. Channel3000:

If I were a conspiracy theorist like many of my conservative friends, I'd think with all the indoor water parks being built around the state, Republicans might be hedging their bets about water safety. Oh, and what do we do about drinking the stuff. The fastest growing and most popular beverage in the food service industry is...water. And we thought bottled water was just for the elite.

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