Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cheating website: "I feel guilty that I don't feel guilty."

See what happens when you skip over the commercials. You just missed the latest Ashleymadison.com ad. You've come a long way...? From TMJ4:

In the greater Milwaukee area, more than 38,000 people are seeking out a secret, sexual relationship with someone that's not their spouse, according to one website. That's how many clients on ashleymadison.com claim to be from our area. The site's motto -- life's too short, have an affair.

Milwaukee ranks in the top 25 cities for the number of ashleymadison.com users. The controversial website is known for its risque commercials, promoting risky behavior: cheating. "My marriage had been very lonely for a very long time," said one cheater. Another said, "sometimes i feel guilty that i don't feel guilty."

Psychotherapist Judy Bruett says more and more woman are cheating -- unsatisfied with their husbands.

One Ashley Madison user has had three sexual affairs. Relationships found online, that she says makes her marriage successful. "Although I would love to say that my husband is all of those things for me, knowing that he's not and he probably can't be all of those things for me, i have found what i need elsewhere," said another cheater.

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