Sunday, February 26, 2012

Transvaginal Ultrasound Probe Government Mandated Health Care?

We hear it all the time about Obama's Affordable Care Act; it's a government take over, requiring coverage people don't want. Right?

So what do the Republican hypocrites do to "walk the walk?" They get between the patient and doctor requiring an unnecessary procedure. They couldn't have been more flagrant going against everything they've ever said for the past 40 years. Only lately did it occrue to the press or Democrats that this was big government health Republicans.

It's the end of their argument. Done. Toast. Next time they start whining about "government health care" ask them about the trans-vaginal ultrasound probe they tried to force on patients. Rachel says it perfectly!

Here's one of the years most disgusting displays of juvenile bullying by a Republican lawmaker yet. Virginia's own knuckle dragger David Albo. This is the kind of government conservative voters are looking for?

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