Monday, February 27, 2012

Car Vandalism Suspicious.

I don't know if I've stumbled onto something or not, but in the video report below from WKOW 27, you'll notice on the bumper of one of the cars vandalized with a BB gun, a blue fist sticker. A number of car's windows were shot out around town. Did the vehicles have evidence of the owners political leanings?

I have a call into to the Madison police department and will be checking to see if there is any possible connection to the cars targeted. Maybe it's nothing.

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  1. God! Google keeps finding new ways to annoy me. Anyways, yeah ask and all that. But I'd just like to mention that it would be wrong to conclude that it is only Right-to-Left vandalism that occurs and will likely occur in the future as tensions ramp up.
    I personally know of people who have "acted out" (they don't seem to view this as vandalism per se but more as a form of protest or even "free speech" which deserves some thought in my opinion. By which I mean, I think it's vandalism just the same) But anyways...let's say some person keyed Hummers or damaged "corporate" property. Which, if cops asked me I refuse to give names on hearsay evidence because I did not SEE anything nor HEAR the parties discuss it themselves. I only heard a person who passed on a concept to me as a way of letting me know how "intense" some people were getting. Also this was not recent, was during the Bush years)
    But anyways - the knife cuts both ways. Tales of Lefty Naughtiness are not necessarily just made-up Republican lies.
    People get tired of feeling like they're "not able to DO anything" and they let off steam. Both sides.
    I myself committed an act of campaign vandalism once. I did not realize it was "naughty" because several years earlier when I was young, a parental figure referred to exactly that kind of campaign vandalism in a way that framed it as 100% normal. For a period of time I accepted it as just something people normally did during campaigns, each side takes their knocks and moves on. Later I thought it over and realized I was being an idiot. I think I had actually seen a newspaper account of someone being charged by police for a similar action. I was stunned. I re-examined my bad self. I also realized (thru a variety of processes not related to campaigning in addition to the campaign issues) that parental figure I had trusted to have any kind of judgement at all was an uber-idiot.
    If you're going to go looking for the Truth (which is great) then don't stop at one small bit of it (the convenient bit that confirms your own predilections)and then start screaming, drawing black-and white conclusions and blogging them. I know of a ton of bad behavior on the left. The world is a mess. People are ugly.