Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Walker delusional; thinks Democrats take orders like Republicans.

Gov. Scott Walker's knotted stomach can't hide the fear you can see in his sociopathic droopy eyes, and the quiver in his nasally voice. Here are some classic but tiring Walkerisms:
Walker: "Our opponent is going to be out-of-state money coming from the big government union bosses..."
Notice how the two oldest negative GOP terms, big government and union bosses, are joined for effect? This has gone beyond color by numbers...
Walker: "Their going to dictate who and what happens with that election more than any candidate. So we've said all along that we've got to counter that with the truth, and the truth is the reforms are working."
Job losses 6 straight months, only a few thousand created total, and no perceptible change in the influx of corporate persons...I mean business. Walker's bad case of "projection" assumes Democrats take orders from union bosses like Republicans take orders from Big Oil, Big Pharma and Big Banks.

Question: "Do you think this will be an election that'll turn on social issues..."

Walker: "...overwhelmingly the issue is about the economy, it's about fiscal restraint, and it's about freedom in the truest sense. And to me people want more freedom, they want government to get out of the way, they want the government to get out of their businesses, ah er, to get out of their chances for prosperity."
Of course Walker stumbled in his effort to avoid mentioning his strong support for every social issue coming out of the state legislature.
Walker: "What we saw in our state is that when we pulled back and got government out of the way, we went from 3 years of losing 150,000 private sector jobs to gaining jobs...our unemployment rate went down..." 
Again, the previous "3 years" included the Great Recession, that's why there were job losses. The last 10 months of the Doyle administration saw 12,000 jobs created, that lasted into the first six months of the Walker administration, numbers Walker like to take credit for. .

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  1. It is difficult to refrain from pointing out the obvious physical impairment or deficiency that Walker suffers from and this may or may not affect his overall outlook about life in general terms.

    Please let us get past his obvious physical anomaly and simply reflect on the evidence that Walker cares not a wit about anything but himself and his personal power and control over others. Abusiveness in most dictionaries.

    Where I grew up, (northern WI) the minister's children were secretly the most rebellious children anyone might conceivably encounter. They understood that they could get away with any unacceptable behavior (for the times) with an insulry assumption that no one would ever suspect them of any untoward social activity. They thought they could get away with anything.