Saturday, February 25, 2012

Waukesha's Cheapskate capitol Brookfield takes it's chances with Tornado's.

Not much to say about this show of utterly cheap stupidity, and recklessness. Tightwads in the wealthy community of Brookfield wouldn't upgrade their alarm system, and instead will leave those cell phone deprived losers who are not listening to a radio or watching TV, to fend for themselves.  Just a tip; I hear tornado's sound like freight trains coming. There are so many holes in their thinking that it almost doesn’t seem real. Go Walker. WISC Channel3000:

Brookfield, a suburb of Milwaukee, is getting rid of its tornado sirens. City officials said the main reason for the elimination is cost.

The federal government is mandating that warning systems get upgrades, which would cost $100,000. The 38,000 residents in Brookfield will rely on cellphone text alerts.

Brookfield cannot afford this, so the City Council voted to shut down the system that some residents describe as a "Cold War-era relic."
A public alarm system is a Cold War relic, and another example of freedom and liberty? 


  1. Apostrophes, how do they work?

  2. What a circus. Republicans condemn condoms! Republicans praise rape as a gift from God. Republicans endorse trans-vaginal probes. Republicans hate women (and men) who want to plan their families. What’s next? Republicans mandate missionary-position only? Hey, Newt was right. ‘Cause Newt and all his Republican friends SHOULD set up a moon colony.... AND GO THERE! Then, they could tell each other what to do and how to live and who to love.... while leaving the REST of us alone, here on Earth. Newt, I always KNEW that you were a problem-solver. Unfortunately, you and your Republican friends ARE the problem...

  3. Another example of no brains. I don't sleep with my cell phone and can't text from it. Scenario - power out (no TV, radio etc.) no sirens. Guess what me killed by a tornado. Thanks