Monday, February 20, 2012

The Workplace is an Authoritarian Dictatorship! And so goes the Country...

We're beginning to understand the conservative voters love affair with fiery authoritarian politicians like Gov. Chris Christie, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, John Kasich and the milder dictates of Gov. Scott Walker and Rich Snyder. It's also evident in the GOP/Tea Party driven agenda that they bring that authoritarian power back into the workplace nationwide, public and private. It's hard to understand how private sector employees can support such a self destructive policy, but I think it may have something to do with envying, and those who have something they do not. offered this insight in the article: America’s last hope: A strong labor movement:
The labor movement is the critical anchor and enabler of democracy grounded on a notion of freedom. Most people have an intuitive understanding of what democracy means: rule by the people (as opposed to rule by the few or an elite). Yet, as Corey Robin so eloquently points out in his book on fear, Americans give up their individual freedom and democratic voice every single day they walk into work. The workplace is an authoritarian dictatorship, and we accept this as legitimate.

Now is the time to challenge that feudal relationship. We need to call into question the assumption that Americans believe democracy stops at the workplace door. If we would not stand for a despot to rule over us with impunity, why do we let the boss do so every day of the workweek?

When there is little outrage for the daily violations of workers’ liberty (employers fire workers illegally in 1 in 3 union campaigns for attempting to exercise freedom of association), our democracy is in peril. The decline of organized labor is directly linked to the rise in economic inequality over the last 40 years and the onset of a “Second Gilded Age.” The decline in union density coupled with the decline in the real value of the minimum wage explains one-third of the dramatic growth in wage inequality since the early 1970s. 


  1. "It's hard to understand how private sector employees can support such a self destructive policy, but I think it may have something to do with envying, and those who have something they do not"

    what in the name of Cryste are you on about? what kind of whack-job, insular arrogance is up your backside anyways? Is it also hard to understand how victims of rape aren't really victims at all but enjoy every minute of it?
    That's the level of thinking you are displaying here. For a while lately it seemed like you had a few brain cells firing, now the illusion has gone. Yes, you got it- the proletariat welcome domination, LOVE exploitation and WORSHIP their overlords. They have only themselves to blame for their condition.

    In this way so-called Liberals like yourself buy into social Darwinism and blame-the-victim mentality JUST as much as the 1 % and the Kochs. But, since your party is the one who pays lip service to "compassion" and "equality" and "justice", without actually being able to deliver on any of their promises, you need a solution. So... promise "change", and when you fail to deliver, say it was the "self-destructive nature of the lower class". Cuz, yo know, it's only the Upper class that wages class warfare, there's NO warfare from the middle class on the lower class.
    It's their own fault they stay at minimum wage (Ron Johnson) because of their "self-destructive support" (you)

    blaaargh. you make me hurl. oh wait - I must be sick with envy, right? not nauseated at your attitude

  2. Ha, enjoyed your little tirade.

    Promised change? Affordable Care Act...regulating Wall Street...Tax cut for middle class...prevented a depression while he was at it.

    So many other things to mention, but you get the idea. Look in a mirror, enjoy the "projection." Your statement is a bit convoluted, but you did put some effort into it, so thanks.