Thursday, February 16, 2012

Partisan Republican Sheriff Clarke cut Security for Obama. Temper Tantrum Endangers President. This guy needs to go, now.

When is pushing the limits and going too far by Republicans, a time to stop the madness? 

Sheriff Clarke has been acting in an erratic way for a long time, and I’m wondering just how long it will be before Milwaukee County takes action to remove him. He’s a loose cannon. Can he really get away with cutting security for the President? Has he been as frugal with Scott Walker?

The heads of Milwaukee’s Common Council and County Board are blasting Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke for not providing enough security for Obama. Milwaukee Common Council President Willie Hines said Sheriff Clarke’s decision to assign sheriff’s deputies to only partial security for President Obama was appalling and embarrassing. “It’s irresponsible, it’s unprecedented, it’s unheard of and it’s just plain not right." Sheriff Clarke fired back, saying budget limitation forced the department to scale back its involvement. Clarke said the sheriff’s office used to set aside money to protect presidents in years past, but the County Board and Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele eliminated that funding.

Any questions about Clarke's childish and outrageous behavior? From Fox 6:

If this isn’t the last straw for the county, than god help us. He ignored actual budget cuts to his department. For example:
Sheriff takes 61 inmates off GPS devices, throws them back in jail.

27 sheriff’s deputies were supposed to lose their jobs under the new Milwaukee County budget, but Sheriff Clarke refused. A judge ruled Sheriff Clarke does not have unlimited power.

Chief Flynn took aim at Sheriff Clarke, who blamed Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and his budget cuts for safety problems. Chief Flynn said, “You go play your budget games, but I’m not a fan of using budget shortfalls to terrorize the public. We get paid to protect people, not to come up with excuses why we can’t.”

He’s an authoritarian bully, doling out a strict partisan agenda that continues to careen out of control. 

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