Friday, February 17, 2012

Loudmouth Tea Party loser States collect more in Government Benefits than Democratic States.

Below is a video map that shows how conservative swill holes...I mean states, have progressively taken more of the wealthier Democratic states money. So when they whine and complain about freeloading liberal collectivists, remember it's always opposite day, every day in Republican world.

Sorry about the angry title, but when I think of tea partiers and Republicans, it's hard to control my pent up anger. Thank god we have concealed carry now and a Fitzwalkerstan legal pass to shoot and ask questions later.


  1. Whatever Demoturd. That's why Mexifornia has a 10 BILLION DOLLAR deficit and my state, Alaska, CONSERVATIVE RUN, has a SURPLUS AND we get a share of the oil royalties.

    NY, Assachusetts, NJ, WA, all BLUE STATES and ALL in the RED!

    So suck it fucktard.

    NOBAMA 2012.

  2. "Thank god we have concealed carry now and a Fitzwalkerstan legal pass to shoot and ask questions later."

    Ah, libtard love and tolerance at work.

    STFU you tired ass old libtard. Your party is DONE and The Kenyan Usurper DID IT!


  3. Whatever? That's your defense.

    Typical freeloader answer.

    As far as Concealed Carry, I'm just using the language of your party and the Walker thugs. Funny you don't like it. Nice use of language.

    So typical...

  4. forgot Illinois. Jacked their income taxes by 66% and are still swimming in deficits.

  5. Are you relying solely on this chart to define a TP loser state? The areas of Arizona, New Mexico and Alaska that showed the most spending were areas with concentrations of native populations (American Indians and Eskimo). Are these the losers to whom you are referring?

  6. Gunny G; You're a rude low life with absolutely nothing to back up your name calling. Sorry, but thoughtful discussion and mild negative descriptions work here, but not what trailer trash talk. Nice to have oil to boost your economy, but most states don't have that luxury. Blue states being in the red makes my point, they don't get the same fed dollars back. Thanks.

  7. Roland: How hard is to get the message I clearly laid out?

    Illinois raised their taxes, but they're still below Wisconsin's. Doh!
    They have other problems that are dragging them down, which Democrat Gov. Doyle avoided.'s complicated isn't it?

    Cherry picking native American area's is sad, and says more about you than ever making your point.