Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who’s Teacher Karl McCarty, and why is he indoctrinating our kids?

Its one thing to teach history and political science in high school, it’s another to bring in every Republican politician you can find to spew their conservative dogma to a classroom of high school kids. Are school administrators on board with this?

And how does a teacher rate to bring in dumb Ron Johnson, or Rep. Thomas Petri? How does a teacher plan field trips to GOP presidential debates and the Faith and Freedom Coalition Forum of zealot religious right wingers, with students from his class? I don't care if he did get permission, a tea party trek to Iowa is inexcusable. 

Check out the pleasant conversation Ron Johnson had with a group of McCarty’s kids, in what can only be described as blatant indoctrination:
FDLReporter: (A) small group of students at Oakfield High School that studies current political leaders had a chance to interact with one Monday when U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson paid a visit. Karl McCarty, who teaches history and political science at Oakfield High School, invites politicians to speak with his class as a way to show students that politicians are human. Recently, the class hosted U.S. Rep. Thomas Petri.

Student Braden Ryan asked Johnson his thoughts about the future of small, family farms. Though there is nostalgia for survival of smaller farms, Johnson said some will be lost and others will survive. He likened it to the emergence of Walmart and Home Depot stores. Though people like the “mom and pop” stores, many people shop at the chain stores, he said.
Johnson likes to teach “creative destruction” to whoever will listen. Poor mom and pop, relegated to the dust bin of capitalism. And this wasn’t some nonpartisan message from Johnson:
Johnson discussed how Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are portrayed in the press … He did say any of the GOP candidates would be better than President Barack Obama … “That (hope and change) was an empty vessel filled by the people that voted for him — their hopes and dreams,” Johnson said.
Is this political indoctrination allowed by Oakfield school administrators?   
McCarty is no stranger to politics. In 2004, McCarty was elected to the Campbellsport Board of Education at the age of 21. He ran an unsuccessful bid for the Assembly in 2008.
If that weren’t bad enough, McCarty trucks his students to Republican sideshow circuses.
jsonline: Call this story Oakfield High School's Excellent Republican Adventure. In a whirlwind trip to Iowa, seven students and two recent graduates of the school, shepherded by teacher Karl McCarty and a father of two in the group, drove six hours from Oakfield to Des Moines, met top GOP candidates and got catbird seats for a presidential debate - making national TV in the process - Who won the debate? McCarty, who describes himself as an independent conservative, thinks it was Rep. Ron Paul - though he added that Rep. Michele Bachmann stuck well to her message.

This isn't the first Iowa trip he's made with students this year, said Everett O'Malley, one of the seniors along for the ride. A smaller group went in October to the Faith and Freedom Coalition forum in Des Moines and met many of the GOP candidates there.
No, it’s not alright for this right wing indoctrination to occur. I mean really, after the outrage over President Obama’s yearly school pep talk broadcasts, they have the balls to do this? 


  1. Can you imagine a liberal teacher doing this? imagine the uproar!

  2. I know, that's why this story is so amazing.

  3. Send this to the talking puppets - see if you get a peep.

  4. As a college-level educator, I would have no problem bringing in Ron Johnson or another GOP politician. Neither would I have a problem bringing in a Democratic politician. However, if I did bring one in to speak, I would bring the other side in as well. Moreover, we would have a specific topic that each person would be asked to cover.

    Then, we would have a great discussion where students could ask questions of each person with follow-ups by me or other students.

    However, the biased indoctrination that is being practiced by this teacher is wrong on a variety of levels. Not surprising since the right-wingers must obfuscate, manipulate, deceive, and propagandize to promote their selfish positions. This has been the S.O.P for the Xian religion and its adherents since it was concocted a couple thousand years ago.

    This guy should be fired; he can teach at a charter school. Perhaps the North Oostburg Community College for the Criminally Insane or similar would welcome this hack to their "school".

  5. Obviously, no one here has done their research. We're simply just so angered by the fact that he only brought in republicans that we forgot to wonder... is the school year over yet? No. He will probably bring in democrats too. This is a great way for students to get an idea of what the political world is like.

  6. Research has been done, I visit his web page and posted his field trips.

    I will also be calling the district super for more information.

    It may say something about your point of view, to give a pass to this kind of behavior. Balance is good, but as Paul Trotter said, something is very wrong.

  7. I give a lot of credit to Karl McCarty who obviously goes over and beyond to help educate our students. How many other teachers give that much time and effort to care enough to do the extra work that he has put in.

    The year is not over yet and he only brought in two politicans so far. He can not control the politicans schedules.
    Be thankful that we have a passionate teacher that actually cares more about educating our students rather than collecting a pay check.

  8. Hey Democurmudgeon you like to whine and cry and contact the superintendent to complain. Done like a true Democrat. You should be giving this teacher credit for offering alternative points of view to students. He has tried to get Democrats in before and they declined. Then again would you want a Gwen Moore or Tom Barrett influencing your kids. I can see it from Gwen Moore - the key to life is not working and living off the Government. Nice message the have.

  9. Liberals and Democrats don't live off the government.

    Freeloading Republican politician do that by not solving problems, but instead, simply cut, cut, cut. The tough stuff of balancing budgets and serving their voters is work, and they don't want to do that.

    How easy was that? And they get government health care on top of that.

    Stick with your stereotypes, it makes life so easy for the conservatively challenged.

  10. I may be a few years too late, but I was on this trip and I can tell you that most people that went with us were liberal and still are. We were interested in seeing politics in action and never once felt like Mr. McCarty was imposing his own views on us. Letting us get in on the action only served to open dialogue and thoughtful discussions. Don't be so harsh on a high school teacher.