Friday, February 24, 2012

John Nichols: Why David Koch is Guilty of Illegally Using Americans for Prosperity to Campaign for Walker.

I heard John Nichols mention the following on Sly in the Morning, so I'm kind of glad he wrote about in the Nation, because it saves me the work of transcribing it: 
Billionaire campaign donor David Koch has rarely spoken in public about the central role he has played in the election of Scott Walker as governor of Wisconsin … But Americans for Prosperity and its foundation could not campaign openly for Walker or other candidates, as they are tax exempt organizations operating under laws that protect civic and educational charities.

So it was incredible when David Koch admitted in an interview with the Palm Beach Post that he planned to support Walker with spending by AFP. “We’re helping him, as we should,” Koch said of Walker. “We’ve gotten pretty good at this over the years. We’ve spent a lot of money in Wisconsin. We’re going to spend more.” The Post added: “By ‘we’ he says he means Americans for Prosperity, which is spending about $700,000 on an ‘It’s working’ television ad buy in the state.”

Could Koch really be admitting to a violation for the Internal Revenue Service code? On the Koch Industries website, a statement by Koch several days later said that: “as the Palm Beach Post story indicated, my comments concerning support for Governor Walker related solely to Americans for Prosperity and its activities in Wisconsin.”

Complaints have been filed with the IRS and the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board alleging—in the words of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin“illegal use of tax exempt status by billionaire David Koch.” There is no question that, based on what Koch has said, the complaints are legitimate. 
There's more details in the story, so might want to check out the whole article.

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