Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Walker wants out-of-state funded Verify the Recall to throw out recall signatures.

Would you trust the tea party group Verify the Recall to knock off about 15,000 Wisconsinites signatures from the recall petitions? That's the number they say they have so far. Not only that, they also claim only about 800,000 signatures came in, and not the 1 million reported by the recall groups.

With that in mind, according to this WKOW 27 News report, Scott Walker would like the GAB to consider Verify the Recall's analysis. Can you imagine the uproar if Move On was asked to provide their analysis if the shoe were on the other foot?

It's says a lot that Gov. Walker would turn to an out of state group, funding a local Racine tea party organization, to verify the signatures.

From Channel3000 comes this surreal report about the frustrated Walker supporters who have worked so hard to toss out the signatures of their fellow citizens. They're not happy, but they think something even bigger is in play right now. What that is...who knows. For Walker's campaign to simply say they ran out of time, after stamping their feet and claiming signature fraud in the press for months, is not just bizarre but revealing. They think they can win, now that they have instituted voter ID. And they're hoping redistricting will have locked in the needed conservative votes. Not to mention corporate out of state money from...the Koch's.

Here's an excellent report from WTDY's Dylan Brogan about Verify the Recall's plans to "muddy the water." Also check out Democratic Party of Wisconsin's Graeme Zielinski's shots at our incompetent governor with Sly in the Morning.

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  1. Excellent.

    Walker's lies have always been easily refuted.

    Nice to see that the Dems are finially getting off their asses and knocking down this shit.

    Still not happy about circulators being criminally harassed, to Party silence.

    What the grassroots have proven is that the more time spent in the field, the more threats one receives, the more one is open to defending the rights of the Recall.