Wednesday, February 22, 2012

School Choice con artists want Taxpayer Money, but no Accountability.

Accountability? Protecting taxpayer dollars? Alert; it's opposite day, everyday in Republican world. 

When it comes to throwing taxpayer money into private schools, suddenly, the free market "faith crowd" doesn't care about accountability. Private businesses never make mistakes, have bad managers or lazy employees, and would never rip people off. It's a perfect world. 

Take voucher schools for instance. They claim that they are so innovative and unique that normal educational standards, applied to them, would be woefully unfair. 
jsonline: The state Department of Public Instruction on Wednesday will submit its application to get Wisconsin’s schools relief from (the) No Child Left Behind federal law, but one element of the application has irritated voucher-school advocates.

For public schools, the waiver application (here's a summary) proposes dropping the system of measuring school performance under NCLB in favor of a new accountability index that would hold schools accountable … Per the orders of the waiver, the DPI provided a ranking of the 5% lowest-performing schools in the state over the past three years (and) included 49 of the lowest-performing private voucher schools in Milwaukee.

Jim Bender, president of School Choice Wisconsin, which advocates for voucher schools, said it was unnecessary to put voucher schools in the waiver application's ranking of low-performing schools. He said it was an unfair comparison based on data that wasn't the same between both school sectors, and that the DPI was just trying to drum up bad publicity for the private schools.
Another words, choice advocates don’t want to be accountable to taxpayers and the parents of students who bought into the voucher fiction that they’re better.

If you think I’m blowing ideological smoke, see how the Republicans tried to give an accountability pass to voucher schools:
Republican legislators released education reform bills recently that didn't include a law to create a statewide accountability system that would hold all schools that receive public money - traditional public, public charter and private voucher schools - to the same standard.
Which proves again Republicans and conservative voters aren’t really fighting about taxes or accountability; they’re really fighting against the enemy of the people, their own government? 

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