Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Republican "Leaders" Good, Democratic "Leaders" Bad. Archbishop says "live with an election for four years."

The proof of the authoritarian takeover of Wisconsin is all around us. Just listen for all the buzz words and try to see all clues.

The one word that stands out to me is the term “leader.” I first noticed it when Mr. Authority himself, Paul Ryan, used it over and over trying to justify the brutal cuts to seniors and middle class. Americans might not like losing their safety nets, but those are the risks real “leaders” are willing to take.

Funny, conservative "leaders" are always rewarded with loyalty and respect by their voters.

But when Obama leads? He’s accused of raising taxes, cutting Medicare, appeasing dictators, raising gas prices at the pump, destroying jobs and turning us into Europe. They won’t let Obama lead, right from his first day in office. They immediately wanted to take their country back from…their leader?    

Here’s Milwaukee’s Archbishop Jerome Listecki in an interview WITI-TV, defending Scott Walker, calling him a "leader. What could go wrong...: 

jsonline: “You have a recall when you have corruption, you have clearly something that's done that's illegal," Listecki said. "If there was something which was morally detrimental to society, I think you do that. "Otherwise," he continued, "you have an election, you live with an election for four years, and you vote the person out of office.”

“Scott Walker did what he thought was right," Listecki said. "Therefore, he was, as a leader, he was willing to stand up and to - quote - take the heat for doing that," he said. "Only time will tell whether or not basically the course of action (was right). In his mind, he saw that as the right action. As a leader, I respect him for doing it.”

Only time will tell, give him a chance, so what if he’s lost private sector jobs six month in a row.

The following is audio of California Rep. Rep. Trent Franks, who made extreme and conspiratorial  claims about President Obama; his reelection would lead to constitutional and security crises; even the emergence of “nuclear terrorism.” It’s the same stuff the GOP said about him just a few months into Obama’s term as president, when they decided to take their country back.

But Obama’s a leader isn't he? Why don’ Republicans let him be and just shut the hell up? 


  1. Listecki's gift to Milwaukee:
    8,000 cases of child sexual abuse by Priests covered-up. Litecki is a criminal hiding behind his Church.

  2. Isn't this Bishop speaking politically about politics?
    Isn't this contrary to the Church taxation status?