Friday, February 24, 2012

What better reason do you need to recall Sen. Pam Galloway; She's Holding up a School Sports Concussion Law! This is literally a no brainer!!

Every parent with a child in school must be out of their minds over the stunt Sen. Pam Galloway is pulling, when it comes to a state wide policy that would protects their kids from sports related concussions.

This is pure ideology over the safety of our kids, period. Galloway’ tea party agenda; freedom and liberty mean no rules, no protections, you take your chances and oh, don’t bother me.

It’s not an overstatement to say she’s flat out dangerous, when you consider that she’s been unresponsive to reporters, and won’t explain why she’s holding up the law in the committee. She chairs the Senate Committee on Public Health, Human Services, and Revenue. Even more egregious; Galloway is a board certified surgeon?

And Galloway has nothing to say. Hey, no one said your kid had to take a sport.

This ruthless stunt is a powerful reason to replace Galloway’s tea party lunacy with recall challenger Donna Seidel. I’m mean really, holding up a policy to put in special protections for children participating in sports from concussions?
TMJ4: Keeping kids safe is becoming a political game. A new law to protect athletes after concussions is getting held up. The future of this legislation to protect young athletes rests in one woman's hands at this point. The bill is stuck in a state Senate committee. Only the chair can move it forward, and so far, she's refused to do so. All because of one woman -- state Senator Pam Galloway. She needs to schedule a vote for it to move on, and so far, she's refused.

TODAY'S TMJ4 talked to an aide at her office.  He said he'd give her the message -- but TODAY'S TMJ4 never heard back.

TODAY'S TMJ4 tried her at home.  "Hi, this message is for Senator Galloway, my name is Keller Russell, I'm a reporter with TMJ4 in Milwaukee."

And by e-mail -- still nothing. Former Packer Mark Tauscher held a news conference earlier this week in favor of this bill.

If you think this is important legislation that needs to be passed -- you can email state Senator Galloway here


  1. Sounds like her strings are being pulled by several puppeteer groups. Can we guess what puppeteers are working the strings?

  2. Who would have vested interest in making sure this concussion bill is killed? Any guesses?