Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Irony; Sen. Candidate Mark Neumann opposed stimulus, but took $500,000 of it for Solar Energy.

The biggest whiners about alternative energy now seems to like solar power, and the stimulus money that goes with it. Of course, at the same time, they’re attacking Obama for the Solyndra loan of $528 million that later disappeared due to bankruptcy. Which the hell is it?
Mark Neumann criticized the economic stimulus program since day one, but records now show that Republican US Senate candidate Neumann accepted stimulus funds for one of his companies … the A-P also reports that another renewable energy company owned by Neumann wrote a letter to congressional leaders in November urging them to continue the grant program.

No longer embarrassed by its rank hypocrisy, the Club for Growth is all for taking the money, even though it’s an utter waste of taxpayer cash. Hey, I thought they wanted to balance the budget?
He has won the support of national conservative group the Club for Growth. "The Club adamantly opposed the stimulus and continues to believe it is an utterly failed policy," said the group's spokesman Barney Keller. "However, we have never taken the position that a private company that's eligible should reject funding."

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