Thursday, December 15, 2011

War on Christmas Rages at the Capitol, as Three Wise People greet the baby...girl.

After the weirdos from Wisconsin Family Action set up their cheap looking figurine Nativity scene in the Capitol rotunda, the Freedom from Religion Foundation set up their own scene...

The display includes a baby girl in a manger, three wise people and Venus as Mary. Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and Mark Twain make up the three wise people. The angels in the scene include the Statue of Liberty and an astronaut.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation said its display is meant to celebrate the winter solstice. The group said that in celebrating the winter solstice, it is celebrating reality.

I love the little sign reading "It's a girl." I assume as a satirical shot at frightened conservatives, they asked Capitol police for extra security around their farcical manger scene.

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  1. Fits MY view of the world especially as the product of 13 years of catholic schooling. I heartly approve. Thanks for doing it!