Thursday, December 22, 2011

What we're missing, by not building Wind Farms!

While the backward hicks in the Republican Party deny the benefits of wind energy, solar too, take a look at how a few farmers see the new technology:

Channel3000: The 90 turbines are capable of producing enough energy to power 45,000 homes. Residents in Columbia County are now learning how to live with the turbines. Brothers Phil and Bill Sommers have seven turbines on their farm. "It's rather majestic, isn't it?" said Sommers, while viewing the wind turbines. "Isn't it kind of a marvel about how they can get that much power out of the wind?"

The wind farm is spread across 17,000 acres of farmland east of Portage. The Sommers said they receive $5,200 a year for each turbine, a large sum during tough times. 


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  2. Please Stop The B.S. Wind Power Propaganda. Industrial Wind is an ENRON "Green Energy" scam. Wind energy is too intermittent to replace coal power, and will rely on fracking for cheap nat. gas, to remain viable/balanced. Fragmented land, dead wildlife, and people not being able to sleep, is not green. The Farmer gets $5,200 per turbine per year, and the wind developer gets $400,000 just for the wind generation sale, $320,000 in "Green Tag" sales,or $720,000 per turbine per year for Them vs $5,200 for the Farmer. It is an ENRON style 1% (Wind) Power Grab. Solar and biomass win over wind, but utilities can't monopolize them as easily. Investors won't get the 20%+ profits wind developers promise.