Thursday, December 22, 2011

Beer Cozy Glove replaces everyday old fashioned gloves.

I just got this offer from Groupon;

Holding a cold beverage is a leading cause of frostbite and a less embarrassing cause of frostbite to tell your doctor about than tickling a snowman. Keep extremities extra warm with today's Groupon to Sküüzi. The skilled folks in the Wool Craft Union, a fair-trade organization, hand-make Sküüzi's mitten-esque beverage holders from Merino sheep wool. A functional garment originally designed in the Land of Fire and Ice, the Sküüzi cradles a chilled can of soda, bottle of beer, or jar of fermented shark meat while warmly wrapping the wearer's drinking appendage in a stylish knit sleeve. Available online only in heather gray or light brown, this clever cup holder keeps both right and left paws toasty at bonfires, tailgating parties, or camping trips inside walk-in refrigerators.
$15 instead of $29.99. Hey, it could be a great gift. Here's a link, if it works.....

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