Thursday, December 29, 2011

Walker's New Sick "Moderate" Image Sell Job...Pathetic!!

Is Walker desperate? You won't believe the "campaign" hatched by this sociopath. He's the friend of long term care, on the side of laid union workers forced out by a strike, and now...he's a doe-eyed moderate.

If you get sick to your stomach easily, you might want to turn away at the sight and sound of Sen. Glenn Grothman dreamily praising Walker...
Grothman: "Governor Walker is probably more moderate than the average Republican in the state legislature right now. But governor Walker has a lot of respect from the legislators, so it's possible legislators will vote for it out of respect for Governor Walker.
Rep. Brett Hulsey clearly wasn't fooled, and treated like this surreal new Walker image like some kind of circus freak show.
"He's afraid of the recall, and he's trying to look moderate, but he's still a wolf in sheep's clothing. It's easy for the governor to say he's for a bill that has no chance of passing..."  
From WKOW 27 News

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  1. Grothman is the worst representative I have ever seen. I am glad he has been moved out of my area. He is rude, won't respond to any email except with the simple phrase: Thank you. (I'm going to totally ignore your ideas) He will not even give a statement on what he believes or plans to do on any subject. He is despicable.