Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sorry, I can't handle the Republican race to destroy the country as we know it...oh, Politifact just voted that the lie of....

Every one of these sick bastards makes my stomach turn, all the while they toss the people and country under the bus for political power. At least in Charles Dickens world, as bad as it was, society had enough leeway for Scrooge to change. I don't see that happening under one party conservative rule.

The non-stop coverage makes it seem like this insane conservative tea party agenda is the one and only choice we have. 9-9-9, a national religion, constant war....

In the despotic authoritarian vision of America's future, Republicans applaud the death penalty, boo gay soldiers, call judges into congress to explain themselves, insist recalls are a waste of time and money, institute rules to control protests, let the uninsured and poor to die from their illnesses, give taxpayer money to big oil, believe a fertilized egg is a fully developed human being, ban new technology's and worry about saving businesses money instead of caring about our selves.

Oh, and people will only vote for politicians who promise to follow a totally fictionalized version of the constitution.

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