Friday, December 16, 2011

Losing our Nation one Republican at a time...welcome to the Dictatorship.

The Republican presidential debate last night had another one of those shocking moments; the judicial branch of government needs to be less equal!!  It's a jaw dropping assault on the Constitution. Oddly, the media didn't seem to care at all:

What Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann are proposing is a frightening and acceptable idea promoted by the right wing, where the courts must be reined in for not following conservative orthodoxy. In fact Mitt Romney boldly responded to Newt and Bachmann by promising to appoint CONSERVATIVE judges. But that's okay. As we all know, liberal judges are "activist," conservative judges aren't. The proud declaration that conservatism has the one true unbiased interpretation of the law is not just borderline frightening, it's a warning shot across the bow to unsuspecting Americans.

THEY will define freedom and liberty, and not that "God damn piece of paper," a description George W. Bush once made about the Constitution. Check out the the new adoption law passed in Virginia pictured on the right, if you want actual proof. That's a screenshot from the story below by Rachel Maddow showing how Republican "leaders" have their public face on policy, and a more sinister authoritarian private face behind closed doors.

There's no excuse for the adoption law pictured here. None. This is how Republicans govern. Like it?

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