Saturday, December 17, 2011

A look at all the money coming in to help Scott Walker and the Business Lobby.

While the conservative Wisconsin State Journal continues to operate without the threat of subscription boycott, they will continue to spin every Walker story into a "both sides" do it, get out of trouble card.

While there's really no comparison between the amount of contributions from supporters of Walker, to the Democratic Party, WSJ did it's best to vilify the pittance brought in so far by DPW. Never mind the record amount of $5.1 million, for one reporting period, going to Walker. Or the massive donations made one only a few donors. Here's Al Sharpton with the first piece on the avalanche of donated money:

From Channel3000, a nice dissection of the money coming in, with Wisconsin Democracy Campaign's Mike McCabe:

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  1. Went thru the list of $1000 + donors and noted that there were very few connected to the healthcare industry.