Thursday, December 29, 2011

Train Deal Delayed, Walker contributor may have been paid back with sale.

The illusionary governor. That's how I see Scott Walker, along with a few others. The good news is we have a few watchdog legislators attempting to keep this governor in check.
jsonline: Five Democratic state representatives asked that a federal agency delay approval of the sale of Milwaukee-based Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co. to a Kansas firm.

In a letter to the U.S. Surface Transportation Board on Wednesday … to investigate whether loss of local control of the short-line railroad would hurt shippers here. In a news release, the representatives also raised a partisan issue, saying a delay would allow time to probe whether the sale was a political payback for illegal campaign contributions to Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, by Wisconsin & Southern officials. Watco was to assume control of the Wisconsin & Southern Thursday, according to the legislators' letter. Calling for the delay are Reps. Brett Hulsey, Kelda Helen Roys and Terese Berceau, all of Madison; Louis Molepske, Stevens Point; and Fred Clark, Baraboo.

Our corporate governor has made no secret business was his top priority, using "job creation" as hammer to pummel labor into submission. Once labor knows its place, wages will plummet and benefits will disappear.  

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