Saturday, December 31, 2011

Scott Walker a Jedi?

Walker supporters have an odd way of looking at things. Like the following video by Ryan Bognar. Let's assume he really likes Scott Walker. The music score is the theme from the evil Syth, while lyrically, Bognar praises Walker as the leader of the Republic, which was the enemy. But who cares, the following humorous video is a stitch to watch. This guy may be a Walker supporter, but like many of them, their activism does more harm than good (i.e. Walker thugs). In fact, it’s hard to know if this guy is kidding or not. And that crazy dance he does all over...Still, I love it:

"With the body of Luke and the mind of Obi-Wan / he is running this Capitol, welcome to Madison."

As “On the Capitol” writes, mostly tongue in cheek:
Walker sure seemed like a Jedi when he started. We were there when he took the podium right after the election — and before his inauguration — and killed high-speed rail in the state with an Obi-Wan-like wave of his hand. (These are not the trains you're looking for.)

And you have to admit that he showed a master's will as he forced through his changes to collective bargaining despite the crowds gathering outside the Capitol.

But Walker has also had his Jar Jar Binks moments. The fake "David Koch" phone call. Moving his budget signing location due to legal woes of a company owner. Unveiling controversial rules to restrict protester access to the Capitol. And now this.

To some, the governor is Luke Skywalker. To others, he's Darth Vader. But lately, it seems the Force has left him altogether.

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