Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Who's Signing Phony Names to Recall Petitions? Walker's GAB Lawsuit Over Phony Names just Second Part of Plan.

From out of Milwaukee, this flyer:

While the administration does nothing to stop their roving bands of Walker thugs from a campaign of intimidation and recall corruption, Walker decided to sue the GAB for not weeding out all the phony names encouraged in the flyer pictured above. It's convoluted and crazy enough for Walker's base to fully endorse.

Ah, guys, you put your phone number on the flyer...doh!


  1. Oddly enough the address on the flyer is the same as the "Christian Civil Liberties Union" in Milwaukee. This is the same outfit that wanted to publicly burn a book that was in the West Bend public library which did not meet their bizarre moral standards.

    So the Hitler reference sort of makes sense.

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