Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nearly 200 Jobs Lost, as Thermo FIsher Scientific Relocates to Texas from Two Rivers

More heartbreaking job losses announced, this time in Two Rivers. 

Fox11: A lab equipment maker is closing a second plant in Two Rivers, leaving nearly 200 workers without jobs.

Thermo Fisher Scientific announced Wednesday it's moving the jobs from its 18th St. wood manufacturing plant to Round Rock, Texas.

Back in September, the company announced the closure of its steel manufacturing plant on Columbus St. by year’s end. The move resulted in the loss of about 120 jobs, which are going to Mexico.

Emotions ran high during shift change at Thermo Fisher ... "It's just unfortunate that a company that's making a profit, would think of moving to make a profit, I don't know when enough it enough," said employee Floyd Payer. But the company says otherwise.

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