Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time Magazine Praises Ryan "reinvention of federal entitlements." Charles Dickens Warned Us...

The media still loves the Ayn Randian, Dickensian, Paul Ryan.
"The protester"  was named Time magazine's 2011 person of the year Wednesday, a nod to pro-democracy movements that started with the Arab Spring and later spread to the anti-corporate greed movement of Occupy Wall Street.

While Wisconsin protesters didn't make the cut, Wisconsin's U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan  did. Time described Ryan as "the most influential American politician" in 2011 … The Time article on Ryan went on to say he "offered a budget that began to convey the scale of change necessary to defuse the American debt bomb: Sweeping tax reform. Unprecedented spending freezes. Most important, a thorough reinvention of federal entitlements."
Isn’t it funny when Republicans offer up draconian and inhumane policy changes, they are praised up and down for their courage to take on the issues, no matter how horrific the unintended consequences? 

It never seems to work the other way though. Like praising those who stopped Ryan's "for profit" dreams of turning health care into a consumer product. I'm surprised Scott Walker, Rich Snyder, John Kasich and Rick Scott didn't make Time's cut.

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