Saturday, December 24, 2011

Don't believe your lying eyes, believe Scott Walker.

I just loved the way this opening line was written on Channel3000's news site:
Gov. Scott Walker said on Friday that despite state budget cuts and recent dismal job growth numbers, he believes the state is headed on the right path.
Can he get away with that?
Question: "Is this the year that you expected when you came in January?"

Walker: "We knew there would be challenges, but I had no idea what kind of national attention and focus about pro and con on these issues. But, it is what it is."
Wow! And finally:
Question: "How do you think about it that you are the first governor in history to be facing this? Or that you could be the first governor in (Wisconsin) history to face a recall election?"

Walker: "Ironically, if Lord willing, with the support of the voters, I'll also be the first governor in state history to be elected twice in the same term."

Since Walker has cut public employee pay, money they could have been used to buy things, income and sales taxes are down. Big surprise:

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